Previcare is a healthcare company focused on the research, development, sales, and marketing of industry leading hand sanitizer and hard surface disinfectant products. We serve retail consumers, wholesalers, and institutional clients, and government agencies throughout North America.

Our product family includes:

AllDay Hand Sanitizers are available through a number of pharmacies, general retailers, and warehouse clubs throughout North America.

GR-AD Pro Hard Surface Disinfectants are primarily used by institutional clients in the healthcare and food industries.

CAx Disinfectants is Previcare's newest product family. Its proprietary formulation provides exceptional cleaning and disinfectant properties for both retail consumer and industrial/commercial applications.

Previcare USA

Our US parent company, managing US government contracts and EPA registrations.

Previcare Inc.

Our Canadian parent company, managing all Canadian distribution and Health Canada registrations.

Previcare Pharmaceutical

Our US division responsible for all hand sanitizers, test kits, and personal protective equipment, plus all FDA registrations.

Previcare Private Label

Our division responsible for all private label partnerships.

Previcare & Williams

Our division responsible for all textile antimicrobial applications (carpets, hospital scrubs & linens).

BioShield USA, Inc.

Our division responsible for all COFEPRIS registrations (Mexico).

Contact us to increase the efficiency of common disinfection while making cleaning easier and environments safer.


In our quest to provide the most effective and non-toxic protection for your family, Previcare has developed various proprietary sanitizer and disinfectant formulas. We use tried and trusted ingredients such as alcohol, BZK, and citric acid, but also include proprietary additives and unique processing to increase cleaning power and the length of time the formulas remain active on surfaces, including your skin – providing all day protection.


Alcohol-based sanitizer is the widely accepted preferred standard in the current battle against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Previcare offers an array of products at or above the 60% alcohol content minimum standard recommendation.


Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) is a widely accepted active ingredient in hand sanitizers for use as a skin disinfectant, and as a first-aid antiseptic. BZK is known to be effective against viruses, fungi, and bacteria, and is preferred by some people as it does not harm, sting, or dry out skin like alcohol can.

Citric Acid

Citric acid kills bacteria, mold, and mildew, so it's great for general disinfecting and cleaning. It is used in many household cleaning products, including metal cleaners, oven cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, soap-scum removers, bathroom cleaners, dish soaps, laundry detergents, air fresheners, and window cleaners. Previcare takes all that one step further. Using a proprietary process, Previcare’s CAx™ product provides a broader and more intensive kill of viruses.

Other additives

Previcare uses various other additives in our AllDay products that stay on your skin through multiple hand washings, providing longer-term protection than conventional hand sanitizers and disinfectants. For other specialty hand sanitizer products, Previcare also has formulas that include holy water and hyssop anointing oil.