We’ve been receiving this question frequently due to recent events. Due to FDA regulations for OTC products, AllDay cannot make claims against specific viruses but here is how AllDay is different - the majority of hand sanitizers on the market only kill germs upon application. Once dry, you are vulnerable once more. Upon drying, AllDay creates a 24hr, non-absorbing protective barrier that does not allow pathogens to adhere to your skin. So you are as protected as you can be, significantly reducing contact with illness-causing germs.
Germs just can’t adhere to AllDay protected skin.
Our proprietary formula provides a long-lasting barrier that kills germs on contact, while other products release harsh chemicals to mutate invading pathogens. In addition to continued protection after drying, AllDay prevents pathogens from becoming immune to other formulae defense (chemicals), which prevents superbugs and common illnesses.
One application of AllDay protects you….all day. The majority of hand sanitizer and foot sprays kill upon application but are only effective when wet. Upon drying, AllDay creates a protective barrier that creates an uninhabitable surface for germs and bacteria. Using AllDay one time is equivalent to using other hand sanitizers over 1000 times in one day!
Yes, we have done repeated patch testing, abrasion testing, ASTM validation, HETCAM studies, and completed a safety study ISO cytoxic report. Our formula has not resulted in adverse events and does not indicate a potential for dermal irritation or allergic contact sensitization. AllDay was given a 100% “non-irritating” classification. After years of studies on a variety of skin types and surfaces, we are proud to be hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and 100% non-toxic.
AllDay products are available in both alcohol and BZK formulations. See The Previcare Advantage for more details on each.
AllDay’s protection is clinically proven to last up to 24 hours, or through 10 washes. It never hurts to re-apply, especially after high-sweat activities, or extreme heat or cold environments where your skin cells are shedding more often. People with careers such as nurses and mechanics may re-apply halfway through the day due to the high volume of handwashing.
AllDay bonds to the skin in such a way that it allows the skin to breathe normally and continue producing its own oil and sweat.